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Private Group Expeditions
Date published:
January 30, 2022
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Private Group Expeditions

Exploring the amazing outdoors is often about slow adventures through landscapes where you can truly immerse your senses. This option is fabulous for those who enjoy camping and walking BUT have had little or no backpacking experience and would like to gain the basic skills and confidence to create their own journeys on foot. Suitable for those with good navigation skills and appropriate camping equipment.


·       Share the camaraderie of adventure

·       Gain the confidence and skills to backpack alone or with friends

·       Learn how to plan suitable routes including key considerations such as terrain, water supplies and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (or Countryside Code)

·       Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment

·       Learn how to identify risks, deal with hazards and emergencies and interpret weather

·       Practice camp craft skills and learn tips for dealing with inclement conditions

·       Learn how to make your journey sustainable, enjoyable and fun

·       Free Heathery Heights Multiwrap


This experience includes a short planning session, usually done over an evening (this can be done remotely), to ensure that the minimum requirements for equipment can be met. The experience is designed to boost the confidence of would-be backpackers towards journeys with their tent on foot - from weekend breaks to coast-to-coast routes and beyond – and encourage environmentally friendly adventures.

Aspects covered include clothing and equipment choices, diet, food, fuel, safety, environmental considerations, and route planning. You will learn how to pack and carry all your equipment, work out tweaks required for longer expeditions and learn about outdoor practicalities and etiquette from cooking to toileting in the wild. The experience is very much tailored to ability and is a lovely way to explore,discover what one is capable of and immerse one's sense in the great outdoors.


Individuals,couples, and small groups only. Pre Planning meeting to discuss and agree level of experience, physical ability, equipment required (client will need to provide their own), supplies, area, route and meeting point. This is an important key stage to ensure the experience is appropriate to your level.

The number of nights under the stars (if lucky) will influence how much ground is covered but key elements will be discussed and put into practice throughout the expedition. We recommend a minimum of two nights and at least one full day of walking.

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