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Navigation Coaching
Date published:
January 30, 2022
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Navigation Coaching

Bespoke coaching including: basic map and compass skills for the novice; intermediate skills; refresher practice and training to gain further confidence; fine-tuning navigation skills for more complex terrain.


·       Tailored to your needs - build your own course to suit your level and experience

·       Practice map and compass skills over a variety of terrain

·       Learn planning strategies to safely undertake your own walks, including emergency procedures

·       Dates to suit you: weekdays or weekend

·       Fantastic for couples and groups of friends

·       Enjoy fabulous scenery whilst you learn

·       Free Heathery Heights Multiwrap*


A wide range of map and compass skills, navigation and route planning strategies can be included depending on the level required. Elements may include: map scales (including learning to use a wider variety of maps more suited to hill walking ie OS Landranger 1:50,000 or Harvey's 1:40,000); features and symbols; map setting; cardinal points; using a compass; bearings; measuring distance; pacing and timing; grid references; tracking progress; catching features; recognising contour features; slope aspect; relocation; aiming off; attack points; navigation on open or difficult terrain; using natural features; poor visibility navigation and route planning. Hill skills and equipment, access and safety in the outdoors.

Venue and/or outdoor location can be agreed to suit the level.

* For bookings of one or more full days


An example for a beginner would be:

Day 1

1. Learn to interpret map scales, keys and symbols

2. Map setting and orientation exercises

3. Understanding the key elements to a compass

4. Map and compass orientation exercises

5. Learning the basics of contours, distance and tracking progress with a map and compass on a short walk  


Day 2.

1. Learn to plan a short route

2. Gain an understanding of hazards, the weather and influence on route choice

3. Practice skills gained through Day 1 on a walk using a planned route including pacing, timing and catching features

4. Learn basic relocation strategies

5. Gain tips on equipment, access and safety and dealing with emergencies  


For those with more experience there will be specific elements they may wish to build on or refresh including micro-navigation or night navigation skills. A two-day course does give a far better overall experience as more time can be used for practicing methods and skills learnt.

Bespoke navigation courses are limited to four people.

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Know what you want? Click here to make an enquiry and get your bespoke adventure underway!

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Navigation Coaching

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