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Find Your AdventureGu h-àrd is gu h-ìosal - Above and Below

Gu h-àrd is gu h-ìosal - Above and Below

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Half Day
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Half Day
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Half Day
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A half day sensory and immersive experience with your qualified guides, wild swim coach Dan the Merman and forager Heather, amongst stunning west coast scenery. Discover tranquil lochs, incredible coastlines and stunning views with your qualified guides. Together we learn about nature's bounty and wild edibles, take the opportunity to immerse our senses in Argyll's stunning waters and learn some of the wonderful meanings of the Gaelic names that describe our sense of place and the nature that surrounds us. We will share a wild food picnic together that showcases some of the wonderful wild edibles found in Argyll.
The wild food element of the experience can be on a mixture of forestry tracks, paths, beaches, rocky shores and through areas of uneven terrain whilst exploring the area's woodland, coast and lochs. We endeavour to make access for swimming as safe and easy as possible. Occasionally we may have access to facilities/shelter; this varies from location to location and may be determined by the weather forecast. The ground can be muddy/boggy with some steep, uneven sections but we walk at a leisurely pace to give us time to look at different edible/non edible species. A reasonable level of fitness is required for a half day of exploration on foot and a dip in Argyll's stunning waters (if you don't wish to swim you can always paddle!). No wetsuit required unless desired as Dan is there to introduce you to the experience of safe cold water immersion. Adults only (unless you wish to make a private family booking). Dogs by arrangement only please; they must not be left unattended if you wish to go in the water, so please bear this in mind!
  • Explore magical coasts, peaceful lochs and ancient woodlands in stunning Argyll
  • Learn about the plants, seaweeds and fungi that thrive here and in similar habitats
  • Discover the principles of foraging, safe identification and sustainable harvesting
  • Learn a few wild food recipe tips and about other wild plant uses
  • Immerse your senses in cool clear waters under the watchful eye of Dan
  • Learn about the Gaelic culture that connects us with land and sea
  • Enjoy stunning views and the chance to see local wildlife
  • Savour the flavours of Argyll in our Wild food Picnic
Booking Terms

Booking is essential 48 hours prior to the event to ensure we can send you your booking details and required event information. For late availability please contact us on 07899765240. This experience is guaranteed to run with a minimum of four people, although we do make allowances where possible (please contact us if you wish to book for a smaller number).

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£ 65.00 GBP

Walk Grades

Grade 1 - Easy

Relaxed walks on mainly flat or graded paths and tracks within easy access of a road/parking with little or no steep ground. These walks are designed to take in a specific tourist site or experience - perhaps to visit a ruined Scottish castle, wildlife centre or ancient carved stones - and are suitable for a wide range of abilities, typically never more than 3 miles or 2 hours of walking.

Grade 2 - Leisurely

Leisurely walking on paths and tracks with occasional steep or uneven sections or steps. Designed to offer an immersive and relaxing experience connecting with nature and the outdoors these walks help promote wellbeing and may include walks around lochs, along beaches, through woodland and glens, to visit a specific historic or geological site, to learn about foraging for wild plants or to reach viewpoint. These are suitable for a wide range of abilities and are typically 3 to 6 miles with up to 5 hours of walking and 300m of ascent and descent.

Grade 3 - Moderate

Expect a full day of walking using a mixture of paths, tracks and over mixed terrain. There are likely to be some steep or uneven sections or steps. These walks are suited to those used to being active and may include easier hill summits, coastal walks, sections of long distance trails such as the Kintyre Way, visiting sites off the beaten track and sunset walks. Walks are typically 6 to 8 miles with 4 to 6 hours of walking and no more than 600m of ascent and descent.

Grade 4 - Hard

An active day of walking using a mixture of paths, tracks and over mixed terrain which is likely to have steep rough sections. These walks are suited to those used to being active and may include hill summits, coastal sections with a lot of ascent and descent, remoter areas, longer sections of trails such as the Kintyre Way, visiting sites off the beaten track, trig point hunters and Wainwright baggers. Walks are typically 7 to 12 miles with 5 to 8 hours of walking and up to 800m of ascent and descent.

Grade 5 - Challenging

A full day of walking over varied ground, which may incorporate a mixture of tracks and paths but is likely to include rugged steep pathless terrain, requiring advanced skills, good fitness and stamina. Walks at this level are usually either long distance, which may or may not incorporate good paths, or in remote and mountainous areas. Typical walks include the easier Munros and Corbetts, the higher Lakeland and Welsh fells, challenges such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks and long distance backpacks such as the Coast to Coast or Pennine Way. Distances vary but are typically 10-25 miles with ascents of up to 1600m. A full days walking may take anything from 6 to12 hours.

Grade 6 - Severe

A full day of walking over varied ground, which may incorporate a mixture of tracks and paths, rugged steep and rough pathless terrain, exposed ridges and non-technical scrambles requiring advanced skills, good fitness and stamina. Walks at this level are usually either long distance, which may or may not incorporate good paths, or in remote and mountainous areas. Typical walks include the harder or more remote Munros and Corbetts, routes such as Striding Edge in the Lake District, high level or remote long distance backpacks or ultra long distance events. Distances vary but are often over 15 miles with ascents often exceeding 1000m. An example is the Patterdale Round which takes in 17 Wainwrights, is 30 miles and has over 3000m of ascent. A full days walking may take anything from 8 to16 or more hours.

More Information:

Heather's Highlight

Immersing one's senses in wild places has been an important part of my life since childhood, whether exploring summits and coasts or sampling wild produce that has tantalisingly caught my eye, something I can thank my parents for, all those years ago. There is something magical about being able to meander through our less trodden landscapes, sampling wild ingredients and taking a cooling dip, which makes one feel so very alive and thankful for what nature gives us.

Detailed Description

Your immersive sensory experience on land and in water is held in beautiful Argyll. Our locations vary throughout the year to include hidden gems, stunning sea and freshwater lochs, from the tranquility of Taynish National Nature Reserve and Knapdale Woods to the inlets and beaches of Knapdale and Kintyre. We tailor each adventure to tie in with local weather conditions, tides, seasonal wild foods and to ensure you have an experience where you can immerse your senses, above and below, with two qualified guides.

The area’s woodlands and coasts are rich with mosses, fungi, lichens, trees and wildflowers and the coastline an abundance of different seaweeds, making this an ideal place in which to learn. Whilst exploring this wild space and some of the species that grow here, you will be able to learn about wild foods, identification, history, harvesting, leaving no trace and how the landscape supports different species.

Your immersive experience includes the opportunity to enjoy pristine waters and immerse your senses under the supervision of Dan, your qualified open water swim coach, who will also introduce you to the calming Gaelic sense of place and nature and the inner peace gained from cold water bathing. The clear waters and array of wildlife means you may see anything from kelp forests to otters and porpoise.

We will enjoy foragers' cake and a drink together mid morning before a lunchtime wild food picnic together after our foraging walk and swim. Return home with a sense of rejuvenation and connection with Argylls' wilder side.

For each date made available we will send you the exact meeting point and directions with your final details but will indicate on each date the area (ie Knapdale, Kintyre, etc). Where a specific area is mentioned we will ensure you know if there are any changes (ie due to weather).

What's Included:
All guided walks include the following:
  • Your friendly qualified guide for the duration of your walk
  • Group Safety Equipment
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Walk joining information
  • Kit List
  • Friendly advice
Specific to this walk:
Guided Immersive Wild Food and Swim Experience. A chance to learn more about the fascinating wild edible plants that live in these precious woodland habitats. Wild swim experience with a qualified open water swimming coach. Refreshments and a Wild Food Picnic. An introduction to our sense of place and nature within Gaelic culture and language. Kit list. Handy downloadable foraging guides at the end of your course.
  1. Immersive 'above and below' sensory wild experience on land and in Scottish lochs
  2. Explore stunning woodlands, lochs and coasts that give this area its fascinating Fjord like landscape
  3. Discover the principles of foraging and how to safely identify edible and non-edible plants, fungi and seaweeds
  4. Immerse your senses in the cooling and clear waters under careful guidance from a qualified open water swimming coach
  5. Learn how Gaelic culture and language connects us with nature and sense of place
  6. Enjoy mid morning foragers' cake, refreshments and a delicious wild food picnic lunch
Additional Information:
Make this a private booking

All our activities can be booked for private groups as bespoke experiences.

Prices and terms & conditions for bespoke experiences apply.

Women only option

All our activities can be booked for women only groups either as bespoke experiences or where advertised.

Not suitable for children

Although we do not recommend this level for children please check with us if your child is over 12, used to walking at this grade and has the right equipment.

All children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (see terms)

Additional information:

Directions for your meeting point will be given in the final booking details prior to your experience. Our locations are throughout Knapdale and Kintyre and we choose them carefully to tie in with the weather and tides, which is particularly important for the wild swim element of this adventure. All days start at 9.30am unless otherwise indicated and last for approx. 4 hours.

Please bring plenty to drink and attire suited for a half day adventure on land and in water come rain or shine (we will send you our kit list). You will be sent an Emergency Contact/ Health form and swim questionnaire which needs to be completed prior to your adventure. We also sell Heathery Heights Multiwraps and bespoke refillable steel water bottles, in our bid to reduce waste, and brightly coloured swim hats suited for open water swimming.

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